Robb Stark

A Meeting in the Night || theeyoungwolf


They had traveled for nearly three days straight now to make it to King’s Landing, and they would still come up short. Ana traveled in trousers instead of a skirt, though ones made for her that fit her nicely, made out of fine and sturdy material. She still looked like a lady, though a rather odd one. Still, she had opted for comfort and ease of travel over style. Her guard was with her to keep her safe, but other than that they traveled alone.

It was well into the night when Ana knew they had to stop and rest. She couldn’t go on anymore. “King’s Landing shouldn’t be too far now.” She said, her guard nodding. He was a tall and brooding man, stern in his looks. He said very little. Sighing, they headed now to find a decent place to camp. She wasn’t paying too much attention to where she truly was, her thoughts on what she would say to Lord Tywin should she find him. So when her guard stopped her, she was surprised. He held up a finger to silence her, and she noticed that the sounds of shuffling could be heard up a head. Something, or someone, was headed their way. Ana made ready to grab an arrow from her quiver if needed, while her guard slowly removed his sword from its sheath. 

Robb was very restless. After his victories he was more confident than ever in his plite. The traveling had begun to take a toll on him an his men, opting to set up camp for the night in the shadow of King’s Landing, a dangerous place for the young Stark man to be but he had no fear in his heart for his enemies. He was truly his father’s son and he hoped it wasn’t too late to save his sisters.

He wandered from the camp in order to find a place to relieve himself, finding a thick brush an heading to it when he heard the sounds that automatically brought his hand to the handle of his sword. “Show yourself stranger!” he called out to the figures in front of him.